We design & build products for all major snowmobile manufacturers, Arctic Cat, Ski Doo, Polaris, & Yamaha !

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The Greaser & Grease It are bolt-on greasers for your Speedo Side Driveshaft bearing!
Once installed on your sled, you simply grease it when you grease your skid.
SUPER EASY to install & use !

No more ruined trips (or expensive driveshafts) due to a failed Driveshaft Bearing!
(What will ONE ruined trip cost you?)
Give you piece of mind with more reliable riding time.
The Greasers are finely crafted Billet Aluminum.
They are available for most all recent Japanese Yamaha Snowmobiles.
Apex, Nytro, Vector, Venture, Phazer, 
RX1, Warrior, SX Viper, SX Venom, Rage, VK Pro etc

APEX/WARRIOR/RX1/SX VIPER etc                                                                                                                                                               PHAZER/NYTRO etc
The Complete Bolt-On Greaser Kit for Japan Model Sleds is $99 +$10 shipping (US)

NEW!     Bolt On Grease It Kit for all 2012+ ProCross machines (Cat & Yamaha) with new bearing is $120 + $10 Shipping (US)

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 NEW! P&P Easy Goggle Power Supply for 509 Electric Goggles
                                                                                                                           Black Coiled Visor/Goggle Cold Weather Power Cord show above^  is a recommended OPTION.

The 509 IGNITE Electric De-fog Goggles do well.
The only issue is batteries dying so fast & you loosing the benefits of the goggles with your dead battery!
The RoczToyz P&P Goggle Power Supply solves your dead battery issues!
 Our Plug & Play Goggle Supply provides you unlimited ride-time with your goggles powered right from your sled!
No more dead batteries!
No more buying extra batteries that also die fast. (If you can find them)
For much less than extra dead batteries, you can solve this issue forever!
Save your battery for when you need it.
(Or never need it again)
Super Light-Weight, weighs & costs MUCH less than one dead battery pack.
(Weighs About 1 oz)
Velcros right to your Goggle Strap, won't move as you ride.
Simple Plug & Play using Snowmobile Industry Standard RCA Male input connector & proper 509 Goggle Outlet connector.
Installs literally in seconds!
Includes LED indicator so you know you are powered.
Velcro Wrap to mount to Strap.

You may request a Blue or Dark Colored(Blackish) Power Input to your Goggle Supply, we will do our best to fulfill your request, however will ship out what is available at the time as required.
Can put any info you need, including HOW YOU FOUND OUT ABOUT US in the Field.
1-1/4" x 2" and less than 1/2 inch thick.  
Right now, we are offering them for an Introductory discounted price of $55 ($65 with Cord) + $10 shipping (US)

Hurry, supplies are limited for the Intro Discount!

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No Freeze Relay Kit


The No Freeze Relays fit the Viper, Sidewinder, and all ProCross Arctic Cat Sleds
No Freeze Relays are hermetically sealed and then fully encapsulated in epoxy to ensure moisture stays out!

On Sidewinder, we recommend replacing at a minimum, the Fuel Pump Relay and Main Relay.
On the Viper, we recommend replacing the Fuel Pump Relay & the ISC relay.
Fuel Pump & Main (Ign) Relays on Cats.

These will fit most late model Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski Doo, and Yamaha sleds!

This will allow YOUR sled to start when others won't in the same conditions!

No Freeze Relays are $25 each, or 2 for $40.
Shipping is $6 US, $13 Canada
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(The Yellow is super Yellow & the Green is super Green, the camera did not like the LEDs.)

(Photos of one of our R&D Units, the production version has many improvements!)

Introducing the RAD Light!

The RAD Light is designed to easily provide a


Display on the Left Front of your ride 

to on-coming Riders. 

That way, others can see the light & know what is coming towards them.

(You set the color with a simple switch.)


YELLOW=(CAUTION)    Lets on-coming Riders know

 you have additional riders behind you on the trail.

GREEN=(Last Rider)   Lets on-coming Riders know

there are no additional  Riders in your group.

(GREEN=You are the last rider)

We designed & Built the RAD Light to provide a super fast,
easy way to keep your hands on your bars while still being able to signal on-coming riders.

A ride light is the safest way to communicate to other riders!

We also designed it with serious value in mind.
For less than the cost of 1 other lite, you can provide a trail lite for 2-3 sleds, or yours for much less!

Like all our products, it is a NO TOOLS Plug&Play Installation

Our trail lights are Built right here in the USA!

Simply clean the mounting surface, Peel & Stick the mounting Velcro,
Plug it in & you are ready to ride!

NO drilling holes in your sled.
NO Tools required to install.
Legal in all states.

Hazard Warning function built right in!
You set it to flash Yellow nice & bright to warn other riders of a hazard on the trail, such as a sled on the side of the trail.

Small, Tough, Super Fast & EASY Install!
All high impact resistant plastic.
Nothing to rust.
Ride lite with little weight.
Auto_Bright/Dim for Automatic Day & Night Use!
You simply set it & forget it!  Easy.
Super-Flex Super Tough Cold Weather Power Cord
Holds up in extreme conditions & is easily replaced in moments if ever needed.

RAD Lights are full production
If you missed the pre-order special, you can still order for $45 per unit
(+ $10 shipping)
Pricing & any specs are subject to change & will change without notice.
As with the Pre-Order, pricing WILL change when fully released. Current pricing is based on early orders.

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We also have Snap In install, No Drill RAD Light mounts with that Factory Look for $55
Pictures & Link to follow.

  EASY ADJUST Remote Headlight Adjuster Kit
    Vent between Pod & Steering Shaft using supplied spacer & longer screw      Black Ny-Lock Adjustment Nut if needed for longer length           Goggle Bag Style             Sidewinder             
Spacer & NyLock Nut are usually Black in color.

Have you tried adjusting the headlight on your SRviper/Sidewinder/Arctic Cat ProCross sled?

IF you have the correct tools, you can kinda get it close while in the garage, however you know as soon as you are on the trail, 
it isn't quite right!
Sometimes not even close!

We all know the absolute best way to set your headlight, is ON THE TRAIL !
So I loaded up the "right" tools to set my headlight adjustment.
(It really does take the right tools, otherwise you can't get to the adjuster)
So on the trail at a stop, I dig out my tools, and finagal them into the very limited space and do minor adjustments to the light.
Of course, as soon as I'm sitting on the sled & riding, you know it isn't right.
So stop again, dig out tools, finagle them into place, freezing fingers, cutting hands, & try again.
Do this over & over, go too far one way, then too far the other way.
Holy cow!  So now I'm sick of messing with this, I'm bleeding and my fingers are FROZE!
This is why I made the EASY ADJUST Remote Headlight Adjuster!
You can now EASILY adjust your headlight at a moments notice, From your Seat,
Change the air/preload on your shocks?  No problem, headlight is easily adjusted.
Have a passenger/no passenger? No problem, headlight is easily adjusted.
Add weight to your saddlebags, no problem!
Ride in deeper snow so your headlight is searching for the stars?   No Problem!
Instantly adjust your headlight for the new conditions.   Ride & enjoy.
Back to flat trails?   Instantly re-adjust your headlight easily!
No matter the reason, your headlight can be EASILY & QUICKLY perfectly adjusted with an EASY ADJUST Remote Headlight Adjuster!
(No Blood required)
Kit comes complete with Adjuster, required mounting devices, and instructions.
Install is also easy & takes about 15 minutes.
Pricing is $49 + shipping.

Available for all Arctic Cat ProCross/Riot/Yamaha SR Viper/Sidewinder etc.

NEW!  Also now available for the Apex/Attak/RX-1/Rage/Vector Venture/SRX style Viper !

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ROCZTOYZ P&P HID Incredible Lighting Kits!

We don't just buy any cheaply made car kit & call it for sleds,
 We actually design & Build them JUST FOR YOUR MACHINE!

We Design & Build Incredible Lighting kits for your machine!

We design our electronics to have very low in-rush & running current.
This helps to protect your stator & keep you running!

We even make the High/Low split closer together, just for riders on-trail.
This is so you don't have that dreaded "Dead Zone"
Where High Beam is Too High, & Low Beam is too low.
Ours are usually "Just Right"
Nobody else does this.  Nobody.

Part of that is because no-one else actually makes their own stuff.
We build our products in Indiana just for Off-Road Vehicles like sleds

We don't make every part we sell, however we DO spec anything we don't make.
Meaning: We know what specifications to call for that will work properly on our rides & only buy the right stuff.
The parts we can, we DO make, such as the electronics.
Why does this matter to you?
This matters because for example: We can control how heavily or lightly your stator is treated.
Unfortunately, many guys don't even understand why this matters to your stator, let alone what the loads should be.

We want your stator to last!
Our goal is to have your experience to be great with little to no issues!
We want your lights to be incredible & to simply work, for as long as you own your ride.

Our incredible P&P HID & LED lighting kits are
$150 + Shipping.  ($10 US, $20 Canada)
Order Your RoczToyz Incredible P&P HID Light Kit here! 
You also have the choice of Lamp Color
All lamps are the same incredible brightness, no matter the color.

4300K   Super White with a hint of Blue - Pierces Snowdust the best.
5000K  Super White with more Blue  - Still Pierces Snowdust pretty well.  Matches Handguard LEDs well.
6000K  Much more Blue  - Does ok in snow, more reflective light, reflects off snowdust more.

You may put the color you would like in the How You found Out About As field.
(Use the Number 4.3, 5, or 6K)
You can put any information you want in the How You Found Out About Us Field, BEFORE clicking Add To Cart.

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SMART SUPPLY Plug&Play Power Port

           Ski Doo Install                    Smart Supply comes with 1 RCA Cover & 1 USB Cover    2 RCA outlets & 2 USB Outlets to power your devices  
 Tough, Handles the elements!

The SMART SUPPLY is a super quick, easy, Plug & Play multiple power outlet for your ride!

SMART SUPPLY has TWO 1 Amp USB outlets to charge/run anything with a USB cord.
You can easily charge/run your Phone, I-Pod, GPS, MP3 player, ANYTHING USB powered, as you ride!

It is fully Garmin & I-device(Apple) compatible!  
(Garmin & I-Phone require the USB Port and charge cord to be compatible, Port is compatible, use your compatible charge cord)
Will charge all devices in high current/fast charge mode if the device calls for it.

This means you can easily use the GPS function on your phone AND charge the battery at the same time!

The SMART SUPPLY also has TWO 2 Amp 12v DC RCA outlets that provide easy, reliable power for heated shields, gloves, etc.

All outlets provide power that keeps working & won't vibrate out as you ride.

Install is as quick and easy as:
1) Simply plugging into your stock harness. (On most units)
2) Peel & stick with the included velcro!

Provides easy, clean, fast power for any of your devices with one simple connection!

Super Efficient Low Current draw: 10 mA (.01 A)  (+ Current output to devices.)
Voltage Input: 6-12V AC or DC  (Works on ANY 6-12v system, 2 OR 4-stroke)
Constant Output Current Max:
USB 1 Amp x 2, or 2 Amp x 1   (2 Amps total USB current out)
USB Outlets include one silicone USB plug to help protect un-used outlet.
RCA Outputs: 2 Amps constant per outlet x 2  (4 Amps constant total RCA outlets)
(5 Amp peak per RCA outlet)
(RCA output voltage is dependent on Input voltage, with 12v in (AC or DC) you will have clean 12v AC or DC out.)

All USB outputs are Input Voltage Surge Protected:
If your machine's voltage regulator should fail, the SMART SUPPLY will help protect your sensitive electronics.
The SMART SUPPLY also protects your USB powered electronics from normal electrical surges.

Plug & Play Available for:

All 4-stroke Yamaha Snowmobiles: Apex/Attak, SRXviper, SVRviper, SRviper, Phaser, Nytro, Sidewinder etc.  P&P
All 4-stroke Yamaha Quads: Grizzly etc.   P&P
All Yamaha Side by Sides: YXR1000R etc.  P&P
All 2 Stroke Viper, SRX and like models  P&P

All Ski-Doo with cigarette Lighter outlet.  P&P
Gen 2, Gen 3, & Gen 4

All Arctic Cat 4-stroke Pro-cross models.  P&P
All Arctic Cat 2-stroke models P&P

All Polaris Pro-Ride & Axys chassis  P&P

Most any other machine with AC or DC system. 
Universal Unit comes with extra connector, may need to connect 2 wires to machine.

2x3x1"  DxWxH (50x75x25mm)


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We are looking for Can-Am quad & side-by-side owners that would like to gather information & test free products. Please email us.
If you have an idea that you would like us to build for you that we do not currently offer, please contact us with your request.
Many times we will build it free for the first person asking for it.


Snowmobile Warm Hands Controller
Tired of freezing your fingers,
one cold ride (with cold hands),
after another?
You don't have to freeze any longer.
Enjoy Instant Heat at your fingertips!

You need this on your snowmachine!

We also offer the THUMBBOOSTER!
It is a Plug & Play solution that Adds additional heat to your Thumbwarmer, ensuring you WILL be warm!
(You will have to turn your Thumbwarmer DOWN, a pleasant change.)
Model (Click on down arrow to select your Model)
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The STARTER SAVER is a Stuck Starter Warning System.
It provides a Very Bright Red Flashing Warning if your starter should stick on.
This provides you a chance to fix it BEFORE it costs you hundreds of dollars!

SR Viper, ProCross & Japan Model ThumbBoosters, Venture Passenger Grip Plug In Fix, STARTER SAVER, etc
Enter Year & Model of Sled
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All specifications subject to change without notice.
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Quick Connect Plug & Play Kits to make install a SNAP! 

Fast, Easy, & WARM!