Starter Saver Install & Use Instructions


Remove appropriate body panels & locate your starter solenoid.
Starter Solenoid is usually located on the Right side of your sled towards the front.
Connect RED Starter Saver wire to the BLACK lead on the solenoid.
(The BLACK lead on the solenoid connects directly TO the starter, this is the one you want.)
Connect BLACK Starter Saver wire to an appropriate ground bolt.
Drill 5/16" hole for LED mounting.
Insert LED in from back of mounting hole.
Snap Black LED mount onto LED until LED protrudes ~1/8"
Insert LED & Mount into hole & snap into place.
Suggested mounting location near key switch in an EASY to see location.
You want to definitely be able to see the LED while sitting on, and/or riding your sled.
Ty-wrap all wires in place, protecting them against chafing, heat, sharp edges, etc.
When wired properly, Your Starter Saver LED should light ONLY when starting your sled.
IF it lights any other time when wired properly, this is indicating a warning that there is a serious electrical problem on your sled.
When lit indicating a warning, the LED will continuously flash Bright Red.
Improper wiring - correct wiring.
Stuck key switch - Adjust key, silicone spray switch, and/or replace.
Stuck start relay due to age, possible ice, etc. - Usual replace.
IMMEDIATE CORRECTIVE ACTION:  (With properly wired install)
IMMEDIATELY shut-off your sled & see if Starter Saver Warning light shuts off.
If it does NOT shut-off, try wiggling key switch.
Try to start the sled again even though it is currently stuck trying to start,
This may loosen the stuck relay.
If this does not fix it, try kicking your sled in the vicinity of your start relay, and/or tapping relay with a screwdriver etc.
If this does not shut it off, you need to dis-connect your starter or battery immediately.
(You are basically working to get a stuck start relay to release, or to disconnect the power.)
You MUST take corrective action immediately to prevent and/or limit damage to your sled.
Locate & repair any starter sticking cause, they will only get worse & cause major damage if not corrected.
Let us know how it goes & check out The YamaHeater Warm Hands Controller, ThumbBooster, & Trail Jamz!
Rock   : )
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