Left & Right in the directions below, mean while you are sitting on the sled.

To install the Plug & Play Kits on most models you simply need to locate the following 3 factory connectors on your sled:
(In Zip-up handlebar cover on most Models)
1) Brake Connector (Has Blue/Red & Green wires to it)  
2) Grip+ Bullet Connector (Connects Yellow/Red to Black)
3) Grip Ground Bullet Connector (Connects Black to Black)
You will NOT disconnect or change the Black/Red wire(s) or connectors.

Unplug Brake connector & Plug both Yamaheater Connectors with Blue & Green wires into both open Brake Connectors. 
Unplug Hot grip connector (Yellow/Red) & Plug Connector from Yamaheater with Yellow wire into connector with Yellow/Red from harness. 
Plug wire from grip (that USED to plug into Yellow/Red wire) into Orange wire from YamaHeater
Plug Ground side grip connector Black from other grip into Black from YamaHeater. 

Connect Black wire with Ring Terminal to ground bolt. 

That's it!  Even your power is already connected with these simple plug-ins! 
There is a mini-blade Blue 15A fuse included in your package, replace the SIG fuse on your sled with the 15A fuse. 
Put the old fuse in a spare slot in your fusebox. 
Your Fusebox is a ~1"x3" Black Plastic Box above or near your Brake Disc.
You will have an extra black bullet connector you do not use.

Drill 5/16" (8mm) hole for LED, insert led through back of hole.  Install Black LED holder onto LED.
Press LED holder with LED into mounting hole using both thumbs until holder is fully seated.
(You do NOT have to drill a hole to mount LED, as long as you can see it while riding & it is well supported)
You want to be able to see Mode LED while riding, usually to the left side of the Speedometer Pod.

You will NOT use the purple wire, if provided.
You will not connect ANY wires other than what is described above.

It really IS that easy!     Let us know how you like & check out The ThumbBoost, Starter Saver, Smart Supply Power Port, & TRAIL JAMZ In-Helmet Stereo System!  

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Additional Notes on Back ------ >

A good mounting place is on the steering shaft support bracket. 
Mount with wires & epoxy side facing AWAY from mounting surface.
If you have a Boost Model, the Boost module pack cannot touch anything metal on your sled, it MUST be isolated from ground.
Your fuse box is located near your battery and/or reverse mechanism.
For exact location of suggested mounting location & connectors, go here and select basic install instructions for your model:

Start your sled & turn the warmers DOWN to ZERO Bars (factory "off"), LED should turn RED indicating YamaHeater High Heat mode.
Let your sled idle for 3-5 minutes, your bars should be getting pretty warm.
All your factory settings, (1-8 Bars) are just like they were prior except warmer.
 LED will light Green when in factory mode.
Normal use is to start out every ride in RED LED mode to warm up your bars, then switch to one of the upper factory settings as required.
Lowest heat setting is 1 Bar.
Double-check proper operation of brakelight.

Possible Code 81: (Handwarmers disconnected)  
There can be a few causes of this.
1) A loose connection.    "Tug Test" all connections into the connectors, make sure they are solid.
2) Low Idle/Low Battery Voltage   Makes sure WARM idle is 1300-1500 RPM (See owners manual)
3) The Power Control Relay contacts have to "break-in"  This will disappear after riding for a while.
4) Normal G-forces from riding.   Random & generally rare.
5) AutoWarm mode is used with SLEDSTART remote start. This is normal to protect your ECU. Restart to clear.
6) On carbed models, output from ECU can be erratic when warming up.  
    Set YamaHeater to RED LED mode during warm-up.
7) The unit itself could have failed, we don't see many of these, yet it IS possible.  Call for assistance.

Code 81 is a Minor error code on your sled, it indicates a possible problem with your handwarmers.
It has no effect on your sled other than turning your grips off.
Your YamaHeater will default to High Heat mode if this should occur so you still have warm grips.
The code is easily cleared by shutting off your sled & re-starting.
Trickle charge your battery overnight, many times issue will resolve itself.

It really IS that easy!       Rock  : )

As always can Text/Call/PM/email me with any questions.
Enjoy the Instant Warmth on command & Let us know how you like!
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