What does the YAMAHEATER do?
The YAMAHEATER is a Warm Hands Controller for 2003 to Current 4-stroke Snowmobiles.  It basically makes your EXISTING Handwarmers truly WARM by giving you a HIGH HEAT Full Power setting!  YOU now decide when you want warm hands! No need to ride in just the "right" conditions. Simply push your existing Blue Handlegrip Switch and your grips get WARM!  Instant Heat at the push of a button, just as it should be!  (Almost instant, takes a few seconds to warm the bars.)
How does a YAMAHEATER keep my hands from freezing?
Unfortunately the ECU on your YAMAHA snowmobile cuts the power way back to your hand grips every time you let off the throttle or apply the brake on your sled. So basically when you start out your ride, your hands are cold and can never quite "catch up". YAMAHEATER is the Warm Hands Controller that gives you a Full Power High Heat setting that keeps your hands WARM!  Your hands will start out warm at the beginning of every ride and stay warm all day on every ride! Gotta like that!  : )
How Warm will my grips get with a YamaHeater?
You will not be able to leave your grips set to High, they will simply get too hot for comfort.
The only time I can comfortably leave my grips on high is in sub-zero temperatures. (-15F or colder)
(I only wear gloves, no other wind protection at all other than a basic windshield.)
Won't my grips get too hot and hurt something?
No.  The grips at full power will not melt. Your grips WILL get hot, but not TOO hot!
The Installation is "foolproof", you can't hurt the Controller or your sled, no matter what button you push.
How is the YAMAHEATER controlled?
The YAMAHEATER uses your existing factory controls and works WITH your ECU.  Your existing Blue Handlegrip control switch also controls your YAMAHEATER.
Do I have to cut any wire(s), or anything else on my sled, to install the YAMAHEATER?
NO!  You do not have to cut ANY wire (Or cut up ANYTHING on your sled) with the Plug & Play kits! The Plug & Play makes it super fast & easy to install!  Simply unsnap a few factory connectors, plug in the YAMAHEATER and you have Warm Hands! All easily controlled by your factory controls!
(We occasionally have factory "seconds" that we sell at an even more reduced cost, if you are on a really tight budget, ask if we have one available!)  (They are fully functional and warranted. They way I see it, no-one should suffer through freezing fingers!)
So why a Plug & Play version?
Everything we sell is Plug & Play!
It is simply MUCH easier and faster to install with Plug & Play! (Just a few minutes after you have the connectors located.)
Many sleds are under warranty & would rather have their YAMAHEATER removable, just in case their dealer has an issue with their YamaHeater.  If your dealer has an issue with you avoiding frostbite, would suggest finding a new dealer that cares about you and your machine working.  (Work to maintain a good relationship with your dealer and warranty work is much easier for you in general.)
Will this work on my model?
The YAMAHEATER works on ALL 2003 to current 4-stroke YAMAHA snowmobiles.  RX/RS, Apexes, Nytros, Attaks, Phazers, Ventures, Vectors, etc.
What about the "update kit" the manufacturer is offering now?
The "update kit" is simply a kit being offered that has been out for a number of years.
It requires cutting off your existing grips, cutting the existing wiring, peeling off the existing warmers on your bars, cleaning the residue off the bars, then properly installing new heater elements, properly wiring them up, and installing and gluing on new grips.
The only way the update kit will get warm to start out your ride is to wire them improperly, however that greatly reduces their life.  Usually shortened to a month or two.  (only have a shortened life if you ride your sled though, they will last indefinitely in the garage.) If you wire them properly with just the high setting, they should last a good long time, however you will start out every ride with cold hands as you do now.
What if I spend the money & effort on the "update kit" and I still don't have warm hands?
You can still use the YamaHeater with a properly installed & wired update kit and have Warm Hands.
So what's wrong with my stock grips from the factory?
Nothing.  The factory grips are actually pretty tough! We have seen very few failures of the stock grips, they simply do not have enough power going to them.  Once you provide enough power to the factory grips, they work great, without having to cut up anything on your sled to have Warm Hands.
What failures have you seen with the stock grips?
The ONLY failures we have seen with the stock grips is folds or "kinks" in the heating element caused when the heater element was installed. Any "kink" creates a weak (and hot) point in the element as it will on any element installation. (These failures are rare from the factory, much more common on replacements.)
What are the best bars/heaters to use on my sled?
The factory Bar/Heater combination actually works very well with the right power applied.
The BEST bars I have seen are the factory ones with HEATED HOOKS.
Your entire hand is warm, including your pinky fingers.
Any of the factory bars will work fine, with the heated hook versions being the most comfy & useable.
Shouldn't I be really mad about my grips not working all that great just the way they come?
Well...  Maybe... 
Personally, I look at it this way, I got into this because I was tired of my own fingers freezing and knew there had to be a better way without hurting or cutting up my sled.
Have over 22,000 miles on my YAMAHA snowmobile. Have not had a single issue with the engine. Not one. (And I BEAT on it!) I have NEVER seen that with any other sled make I have owned prior.  Overall, I think for less than the cost of 2 pairs of burnt gloves (from trying to warm my hands on the exhaust), or less than the cost of ONE piston kit(not counting even labor & the loss of sledding), I can have almost instant Warm Hands on command on every ride.
Thinking that's a pretty good trade in OUR favor.
So if you are reading this and wonder if you should buy a Yamaha, I can say without ANY qualms, YES!!!
The warmers are easy to fix and your Yamaha will RUN, most any time you want/need it to. Every sled should do that!
How long will it take to get my Yamaheater to me?
If you goto a stocking Dealer, you can have Warm Hands today!  Check for a dealer near you here: http://yamaheater.com/Dealers.php               These Dealers can even do installation for you, ask them!
We work very hard to get yours shipped out to you with-in 24 hours. (Weekdays)
For those that are shipped, we ship all Controllers by USPS Priority mail.
This works very well with-in and usually outside the United States.
For those in the US, you should see your Warm Hands in 2-3 days.
For those in Canada & elsewhere, USPS does NOT charge you processing fees like some others.  : )
In Canada can usually expect delivery in 7-10 days.  (Depending on where.) (Canadian Customs has been doing pretty good lately, yet have seen units sit in Canadian Customs for over 20 days.)
Those in Europe can expect 7-15 days. (usually see 7-10 days.)
If you are REALLY in a hurry you can pay for Express mail, however it shaves only a day off in the US.
Express mail is possibly recommended to Canada & Europe.
(If you are outside the US and you need it in a week, ship via Express Mail) 
For all international shipments, you are responsible for any required customs fees, taxes etc.
How about after I get the unit & have questions?
You are welcome to ask questions before & after you get your Controller!
Simply send an email to support@yamaheater.com
Include your name, phone number, any questions & additional info.
Will get back to you ASAP. (Almost always same day, many times even with-in the hour.)
I own another brand of snowmobile, can you help me too?
We get many requests from owners of all makes to help them & are willing to fix them for you also!
(Yamaha is not alone here by any means.)
If you live near NE Indiana and/or are willing to let us use your sled for a while for testing, most likely we can take care of your warmer issues for you.
(Usually at no cost to you for letting us have your sled for a while.)
Where are your products made?
All of the products we offer are proudly made in the USA!  We work very hard to source all of the components in the USA as well (Over 80% of the components are US sourced.).  Unfortunately, not enough other people do this and we are un-able to get some of the components sourced in the US, but we keep trying! 
To get Your Hands Warm, go here:

Quick Connect Plug & Play Kits to make install a SNAP! 

Fast, Easy, & WARM!