About Us:
Some background:
Since the day I first rode my YAMAHA 4-stroke I loved it!
Except for 1 stupid thing...
My hands froze!
Other than the "handwarmers" the sled is a great sled!
I too got tired of Cold Hands and decided to come up with a working solution.
Thought about it quite a bit & started testing many different ways to fix the problem.
Wanted a simple, yet elegant real world working solution to the cold "warmers" on our YAMAHA sleds.
(I use the term "warmers" loosely in this case, lol.)
A kit giving you warm hands, that most people can install pretty easily, without major knowledge, skills, and/or work required.

Worked on designing and testing for well over a year.  (Over 2 Sledding seasons.)

Everything finally came together over 2008 and have been building and testing units since, first on the bench and when finally able, out on the trail.

When I started getting really busy with it, had to drop my sled build project for a while to concentrate on this project.
(Hopefully not toooo long yet!)

Have had great success with the operation of it, and many satisfied users.

Some background on tolerances:
You imagine your sled being the same as the next guys of the same model, in fact that's why alot of us do many mods to our sleds, to make them "ours".
In real life they are very different.
All the parts are spec'd within tolerances, so that the entire assembly will "fit" together in production.
So your sled really ISN'T identical to your Buddy's, it is totally different from an engineering standpoint.

It is NO different with the electrics, they are simply with-in a "spec" and therefore work reasonably well together.
If all the tolerances add up in the wrong direction and the specs are not tight enough, any assembly simply won't fit together, or in the case of electrics, it either won't work, or it will burn something up.

Operating Environment:
Alot of the parts I use are Mil-Spec due to the fact that our sleds operate in a nightmare environment.
(From an engineering viewpoint , it's a nightmare, personally I LOVE snow!)
The temps can be -20 or -30 or more.
You want your warmers to work then, don't ya?
The parts MUST work at these temps for your warmers to work also.
Next thing you know, the engine is hot from running and the parts are now 100+ degrees F!
That's quite a temp range, especially with-in a short time period.
(Serious Thermal shock...)

Humidity is another big factor.
Under your hood the humidity skyrockets every time you ride.
Then plummets after it cools.
Not to mention when you take it in and out of a heated garage.
Whatever is used must survive the environment, or the unit won't survive.

Can't remember who said it, but the saying is basically "Anyone can make something work once, but making it work in the real world and do it over and over, THAT is an artist!"

This is where good circuit design, packaging, hard work, and proper specifications come in.
(Among many other things.)
This helps to insure that the "solution" doesn't become next weeks headache!

That's the problem with alot of the "solutions" I have seen, they need to be foolproof, and work with-in the existing tolerances, and many simply don't fulfill this requirement.

(Electrical things run on "Magic Smoke"...
Have you seen most anything electrical work, after you let the magic smoke out? lol)
You don't want to let any of the "Magic Smoke" out of your sled! Head Bang

So my objective with this has been:

Make a working solution that WARMS YOUR HANDS!
Work with the existing grip warmers.
Use the existing factory controls.
Easy to wire. (Low skill level needed to install.) (Plug & Play Kits require NO wiring.)
Foolproof in operation. (Cant screw up it, or your sled, no matter what button you push! lol)
Easy to use.
Relatively low cost. (Unfortunately, good parts are rarely cheap parts.)
Provide feedback to the user. (Lets you know what the heck it is doing!)
Continue to work and survive in the environment of use.
Plain and simple, WORK WHEN YOU NEED IT, Giving you WARM HANDS, and continue to do so over the life of your sled.

Over time, I have been refining the unit itself, directions, support, etc.

You will like the solution! Thumbs Up


Quick Connect Plug & Play Kits to make install a SNAP! 

Fast, Easy, & WARM!