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03-05 RX/RS series sleds.
(As a general rule, if your 03-05 handlebars are straight(no hooks) & have a zip up cover over the bars, use the RX1/RS Kit. 
For an absolute test, un-zip the cover & look at the connectors for the grip wires,
if they are bullet connectors, order the RX/RX1 Kit.)

If in doubt, go with the Boost model.
Extra heat is generally a good thing here!
NO hard wiring is required on any of the kits.
The P&P WITH Boost can be used on any 4-stroke sled.
P&P W/Boost is recommended for any sled with grips that are almost always cold.

We have P&P with Boost kits for all Yamaha 4-strokes. 
If you are un-sure what you need, order a P&P with Boost & add extra info in the notes area.
I will call you with any questions.
Credit Cards & most payments made through Paypal clear immediately.  
E-checks take 5 days to clear.
We usually ship with-in 24 hours after payment clears.    : )
(I like to ship them to you FAST!)
If you do not select USPS Express(EMS) shipping, your order will ship via USPS Priority or First Class Mail.
(Recommended in US)

(Sometimes Canadian Customs can be VERY slow (12-28 days for First Class, However they have been doing much better the last few years.

Suggest using Priiority/Express shipping(4-7 days) to Canada and Europe, if you are in a MAJOR hurry.
Ignore, no longer true. >>>> Canadian Customs has been doing quite well, Priority & even First Class has been sufficient for the past few years. : )  5-8 Days Priority & First Class. (2013-2017)
Well, Canadian Customs had a great run, for a number of years they were doing great! 
Unfortunately, since Jan 1 of 2018 they have taken over a month to process anything not shipped Priority/Express.
At this time, we DEFINITELY recommend using Express shipping to Canada.       (Otherwise it may take quite a while to get to you!)
NOTE: All Kits are shipping immediately.

You can put any info/notes in the "Phone Number" or "How you found out about us" field.
(Include your TY username, if applicable)

If you are unsure about your handlebar type, select unheated hooks & I will take care of it for you.   : )
Questions?  260.710.7623
ThumbBoost is HIGHLY recommended, & considered a MUST for Nytros.

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ThumbBoost, Starter Saver, Passenger Warmer Fix, Express Shipping,
 and many other Options, can be ordered in pull-down list below.
ThumbBoost is HIGHLY recommended & considered a MUST for Nytros.
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SMART SUPPLY Plug&Play Power Port (Multiple output, easy on the go power for your devices!)
We have SMART SUPPLY Power Ports for most any machine including the new YAMAHA SRviper, SIDEWINDER, & YXZ1000R Side by Side.  
Including the new Pro-Cross Arctic Cats!

HEATED CASE (Temperature Controlled Heated Case, allows your phone to CHARGE in the cold!)
Heated Case is the Perfect Companion to your Smart Supply, never have a dead cell phone again!
Combo package allows you to charge your battery as you ride!

Get a SMART SUPPLY and/or Heated Case !
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TRADE-INS and RE-WORK of existing YamaHeater units.
We can do a trade-in with your existing kit & get you a new P&P model with integrated Boost built right in!.  : )
($50 Trade-in Credit applied to new purchase, $60 if Boost included)

We also can re-work your existing unit, re-terminate, test & send back to you fully functional for $55.

The BUY NOW button below, is for replacements and/or exchanges.
For example:  You dropped the LED holder and it is now hiding somewhere!
Enter that you need an LED Holder and click buy it now.
A cart will open up & charge you a penny and the shipping only.
Finish checking out, and I will send you a replacement immediately.
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Quick Connect Plug & Play Kits to make install a SNAP! 

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