Basic Kit Instructions (Hardwired)
(See Plug&Play Instructions for Plug&Play & Boosted Models)

Installation and Use Instructions
Tools/Supplies needed(hardwired unit)): Good Crimpers for crimp connectors, Wire Strippers,Sharp Razor Knife, 8mm & 10mm wrench, Small Ty-wraps (3-4") etc.
Possibly needed: Dielectric grease, spare 18ga automotive wire, Spare Snap connectors, Spare Shrink Sleeving, Double-sided foam tape or foam weatherstripping to put between Warm Hands Controller and mounting surface, Any other common tools, screwdrivers etc.
Suitable common replacement parts: 
Bullet Snap Connectors: Radio Shack Part# 68-3085   
This includes 5 each of the snap connectors. (Male & Female) 
LED trim ring is a small black plastic part that is easily dropped. If you do drop it in the bottom of your sled (Done that, lol), 
You can get the new style replacements free from me.
Blue Crimp Tap (Make sure the crimp tap is kept warm until you are ready to use it, only broke one so far and it was cooooold!), 
Radio Shack Part#  64-036

You do NOT need to cut any wire to install, simply locate the appropriate connectors and snap in connectors supplied in-line. 
The 3 Connectors you need to locate are:
Brake Connector (Blue/Red & Green wires) - goes to Blue & Green on your YamaHeater
Grip Connector (Yellow/Red & Black wires) - One goes to Yellow & Black on your YamaHeater.
Grip Connector (Yellow/Red & Black wires) - Not used
The 2 grips connectors (small Black wires) you un-plug from the Yellow/Red & Black wires, plug into Orange & Black from your YamaHeater.
There may be an extra orange wire bullet connector on the controller you will NOT connect, it is for a hard-wired unit.
You may have to slightly relocate the wires from the bar warmers to allow them to reach the connectors on Nytros & Phazers.
You will only use ONE of the wiring harness connectors (Black & Yellow/Red) into your YAMAHEATER.
The other Black & Yellow/Red will simply remain in the rubber boot not connected to anything.
Your kit includes a blue 15A mini blade fuse, locate your fusebox & replace the SIG fuse on your sled with the 15A. 
 (If your current fuse is the same or larger, leave it in & put the included fuse in the spare fuse slot)
Make sure to Double-check wire colors as noted in TY link shown below.  (ESPECIALLY on 2006 models)
There is much more info for all installs here, including the Plug & Go Play Kits, with detailed pics:
http://www.ty4stroke.com/viewtopic.php?t=67236     Use the INDEX links on the first page.
IF YOU NEED ANY HELP EMAIL ME AT support@yamaheater.com  Include your phone number, I am here to help!  Rock  : )
(Gives locations,etc However, you do NOT have to cut any wires for Plug & Play install.)
          (Read the entire directions BEFORE installation and before starting sled.)
1)  Locate a suitable mounting location for controller, away from sources of heat, especially exhaust,  and away from any moving parts.    (Keeping wires away from all sharp edges.)
          On RX/RS, on the left frame rail near the fuel pumps, or the lower handlebar support bracket works well.
          On Apexs & Attaks, the black metal bracket on the left side above the secondary clutch works well (away from moving parts).
          On Phazers & Nytros, the back of clutch side plastic headlight support works well.
NOTE: ALL the wires you need to connect to are at or near the base of the bars! 
(With the possible exception of power & ground.)
> Do NOT cut or use ANY wire at the ECU!!!  The wire colors are duplicated from the factory for different uses at the ECU <
ONLY connect to the Yellow/Red and Blue/White (Or Blue/Red) ON or AT THE BASE OF THE BARS.
If you are un-sure, simply follow the grip warmer wires downward, they will lead you right to the Yellow/Red wire(s). Same goes for the Blue/White wire.
2)  Locate existing Blue wire with White stripe (Blue/White) on your sled.   
        (Blue wire with a Red stripe(Blue/Red) will work here also. Blue/Red is used on all Plug&Go Play kits.)
        This is the Headlight wire, it tells the Warm Hands Controller your sled is running.
On Rx-1s/Rages this is located under the zip-up cover on the bars.   
On Apexs/Attaks this is in the large rubber boot on the left side just above the secondary clutch,
     near the bottom of the steering shaft under the cowling.
On Nytros&Phazers, etc this is in rubber boots behind headlight assembly. 
3)  Slit back protective outer jacket (if needed) approx 2 inches to expose Blue/White wire. (Being careful NOT to slit the wire!)
4)  Install Blue crimp tap on Blue/White wire approx 2 inches away from connector. 
          (Do Not connect right up against the connector.)
          (Tap has dielectric grease on it to help prevent corrosion.)
          Gently squeeze the tap connector top & bottom until it is fully seated and snaps tight at the back.
          Crimp Tap instructions with pictures can be found here: http://www.alliedelec.com/Images/Products/Datasheets/BM/3M_ESM_TOOLING/617-2445.PDF
5)  Plug Blue sensor wire from WHC into new tap on Blue/White wire, making sure terminal goes INTO slot in crimp tap.
6)  Locate and expose Yellow wire with Red stripe (Yellow/Red) at least 4 inches away from connector. (Towards engine side of connector).
          Yellow/Red is the grip warmer power wire.
          On Rx-1 & Rage this is located under the handlebar zip cover. You do NOT need to cut the Yellow/Red wire on RX/RS!
          On RX/RS simply unplug the snap connector on the Yellow/Red wire and plug in controller. (Yellow towards engine, Orange towards bars.)
          On Apex/Attak this is located at or near the bottom of the steering shaft under the cowling.
          On Phazer & Nytros, it is on the battery side of sled just behind plastic headlight support.
          On ANY sled where the Yellow/Red wire splits WITHIN the wiring harness, 
    You will use "Y" Cable built into the Orange Controller wire to connect the grips together. 
          If the Yellow/Red wire splits outside the wire harness, you must connect the Controller in the single Yellow/Red wire before the split to each grip.
7)  Cut Yellow/Red wire at least 2 inches away from connector.  Strip ends slightly more than 1/4" back. Twist ends tightly.
8)  Crimp FEMALE bullet connector to Yellow/Red end coming FROM wire harness(ECU) 
          (Away from bars, towards front of sled.).
          Test the crimp by tugging on the connector.  Plug into Male Yellow wire from Warm Hands Controller.
9)  Crimp MALE bullet connector to Yellow/Red wire end going upward TOWARDS grip warmers (Towards bars.).
          Test the crimp by tugging on the connector.  Plug into Female Orange wire from Warm Hands Controller.
10)  Connect Black wire with lug to suitable ground. Bolt on left side that attaches to U-frame tube is a possible good point.
11)  Connect Red wire to constant +12 volts.
12)  Drill 1/4" hole for mode switch. Mount switch. (May simply ty-wrap mode switch to controller unit also.)
13)  Drill 5/16" hole for LED indicator.  (1/4" Hole if early smaller mounting ring)
   With new longer trim ring, insert LED through hole, snap LED into trim ring, insert trim ring and LED into mounting hole.
          (Be careful with LED leads, they can be damaged by forcing.)
14)  Mount Warm Hands Controller with included ty-wraps in suitable location away from moving parts and sources of heat.
15)  Neatly ty-wrap wires in suitable locations, away from moving parts, sharp edges, and sources of heat, etc. 
You are finished with installation!
Double-check all connections and read the following BEFORE starting sled.
The following applies with sled running:
When warmers are ON with ECU, the LED will be Green and will show the relative intensity of the power to the bars.
Apply brake, On many models, LED will dim showing lowered ECU heat output to bars.
Turn warmers to OFF using the Blue handlebar control switch.
After a very short time delay, the LED will light RED, showing the relative intensity of the warmer power.
When the LED is Red, the warmers are connected directly to the YAMAHEATER High Heat mode.
Your warmers should be feeling WARM pretty quick!   : )  (Before the temp light shuts off on your sled.)
The LED is not simply a power on light, the LED indicates ACTUAL power to the warmers.
If you have no power to the warmers, the LED will be off.
The mode switch in the off position tells the Controller to turn bar warmers to off, when set to off by the handlebar controls.
(When the mode switch is in the "off" position, the ECU/Warmers function EXACTLY as they came from the factory.)
If the LED does not turn Red when ECU is "off" and mode switch is ON, double check mode switch, and/or all wiring.
If the controller does not function as described above, or if your display shows ANY warmer errors, shut-down sled and double-check all wiring, mode switch, and fuse.    
Especially check the Blue (From Headlight), Yellow (FROM ECU), and Orange (TO BARS).
For any questions email support@yamaheater.com, we will get back to you right away!
Enjoy your nice Warm Hands!     : )
Goto your favorite website and let us know your experience!     
Rock  : ) 
Warm Hands Controller Wire List.  (These are the ONLY wires you need to connect.)
Black (with ring terminal)-  Negative ground to Controller. (ONLY wire you need to connect, other than Plug-ins on Plug&Play.)
Red (with ring terminal)-  +12V constant power to Controller.  
Blue - Headlight sensor wire to Controller.  
Yellow - ECU sensor wire to Controller from ECU.  
Orange (Or White) - Warmer output wire from Controller to Grips. 
Do NOT connect the following to anything:
Short Black & Red. (future use)
Violet - Autowarm: Remote communication wire. (Not used)
Automatically sets your handwarmers to full heat when using remote to start your sled.
Brown - Boost Control Output (Future use) 
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